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Pawan takes down on ABN Radhakrishna!

Andhra Headlines 2017-12-07 23:18:57
Amaravati: After taking down on opposition leader Jaganmohan Reddy Jana Sena Chief Pawan gave strong counter to ABN Radha Krishna at the public meeting held at Rajahmundry today.
During Land Pooling time Pawan Kalyan came to Thullur village and some farmers met the Jana Sena leader. During that time ABN RK said youth, who came in support of Pawan Kalyan belong to a particular caste and added that Pawan always has their support for every meeting. 
Pawan Kalyan said that he met various people in places such as Karimnagar, Warangal, Ballari, and Raichur who do not belong to his caste. Pawan questioned how can ABN Radha Krishan come to a conclusion that he works for a particular caste. He reiterated that he is there to serve every section of the society. He even warned saying that he is not good person like Chiranjeevi and if people try to twist the news he won't spare them and will reveal list of people who were employed by ABN in their organization and who belong to the caste of Radha Krishna.