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Ubisoft Talks 'Beyond Good & Evil 2' Progress in New Video

Rolling Stone 2017-12-07 21:17:00

The development status of Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been a running joke in the video game community since 2008. Many assumed it was stuck in limbo until this year's E3, when publisher and developer Ubisoft unveiled a new trailer. But, it assures fans of the cult classic action-adventure series that it's working hard to make the sequel (which is actually a prequel) happen.

The team has more than doubled in size and it's starting to dig deeper into the mechanics and story, according to a post on Ubiblog. In a new video, it offers a glimpse at some of the ship designs and character models players will find in the game. The team is really leaning into the whole "space pirate" theme. You will have a crew, and your relationship with them plays an important part in the story. "We know that the heart of the story is going to be carried by our officers," says Ubiblog's Gabrielle Shrager, "and then we'll need to recruit crew members."

Ubisoft says it also wants fans to be a part of the creative process through something called the Space Monkey Program. The team wants people around the world to engage in discussions about what Beyond Good & Evil 2's future world looks like and what kind of space pirates they want to be. "Right now, it's just the beginning," says creative director Michel Ansel. "So, it's more like we are triggering subject discussions and its comments, but we want to move way beyond this, you know, where we would love people to come into the studio and discuss interesting subjects."

If you're interested in participating in the Space Monkey program, you can sign up at