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Really? Anchor Shyamala's video on p0rn sites?

Andhra Headlines 2018-02-11 11:25:56
Anchor Shyamala is loved for being not only pretty host but for her decent etiquette too. The lady who is seen in cinemas too every now and then has gained name as a good actress as well.
Recently in an interview she told about a bitter experience in her life. Shyamala said that her face has been morphed in a vulgar video and was uploaded on p0rn site. She added that she could convice the website people about the morphed tortured and admitted to have gotten it taken off the website. She said until her husband shared that video with her she never thought it could be done. ?
This is something new and we haven't heard until you shared it Shymala. Good that you have had that off from the website!!