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Apple Loop: New iPhone X Price Leaks, Cook Faces Security Surprise, Weak iPhone Sales Damaging Apple

News Summed Up 2018-03-10 05:30:00

As Apple CEO Tim Cook pushes ahead with plans to introduce OLED technology to more handsets and increase the screen size. The top-line iPhone X Plus with a 6.5 inch OLED screen could have an entry-level price of $1400. While some rumors have claimed the second generation iPhone X would drop in price to accommodate a larger iPhone X Plus, Kuo says this is not true. He claims the second gen iPhone X will again start at $1,000, the iPhone X Plus will be priced higher (likely $1,200-$1,350) while the once-cheap iPhone SE will see its iPhone X-inspired successor come in at more than an iPhone 8 starting from $700-$800. Forbes’ Gordon Kelly reports:Consequently, Apple’s discovery that many customers are starting to think twice about paying over $1,000 for the iPhone X couldn’t come at a worse time.