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Politician Azam Khan Reacts to Jaya Prada's Khilji...

Masala 2018-03-12 00:00:00

The ongoing spat between Jaya Prada and a political leader of India, Mr Azam Khan has reached ridiculous levels with the politician insulting Jaya Prada in a public rally by calling her "naachne waali" (the dancing girl).

Jaya Prada is a contemporary of Sridevi and widely regarded as a female superstar just a notch below Sridevi. Jaya Prada is widely regarded as the most glamorous heroines Bollywood has ever produced. It all took a downturn when Jaya was asked if she had seen Padmaavat. She said that the character Alauddin Khilji reminded her of Azam Khan who smear campaigned against her when she was fighting for elections.

Here is the video:

When I was watching #Padmaavat , Khilji's character reminded me of Azam Khan ji, how he had harassed me during elections when I was contesting: Jaya Prada

— ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) March 10, 2018

After the remark went viral on social media, it was the turn of Azam Khan to hit back at her. And he did that under full public glare. Addressing crowds at an event, Khan said, "Padmaavat was made. Heard Khilji's character is very bad. Padmaavati left this world before Khilji's arrival. But now, a woman, a naachne waali (dancer), has made some remark about me. Tell me, if I entertain this 'naachne gaane wali', how will I concentrate on politics?" 

Azam Khan was the leader who brought Jaya Prada, then a Bollywood superstar, to Rampur and helped her win her Lok Sabha seat from Samajwadi Party ticket. Till 2004, Jaya Prada was a leader of the Telugu Desam Party. With Khan's help, she had won the Rampur seat by over 85,000 votes that year. The cordial relationship turned sour when Jaya Prada moved to the Amar Singh camp. Since then, Azam Khan has been quite vocal about his contempt for Jaya Prada. By 2009, the relationship became so bitter that Azam Khan supporters openly campaigned against Jaya Prada. In 2010, Jaya Prada and Amar Singh were expelled from the Samajwadi Party.

What will happen next? Watch this space for updates