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Will SSR fire on B town stealing of his idea?

Andhra Headlines 2018-03-22 17:02:20
During Baahubali times itself we heard about the Mahabharat rumour - that Rajamouli is planning for a historical drama Mahabharat and that it would be in the 500 crore budget range and so on. There were rumours that Aamir Khan would be doing Sri Krishna role in the movie.
The rumours gradually calmed down and we never heard anything about it again. But here comes latest Mahabharat shocker. Looks like Jakkanna dream project idea is now stolen. If buzz is to go by then B town actor Mr. Perfectionist has decided to come up with a mega-budget movie series based on Mahabharata.
The budget estimate for this is said to be 1000 crores and Aamir is getting backing from Mukesh Ambani for the big venture. Will Rajamouli talk about it???