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Couple in live-in relationship get married before children

Hans India 2018-04-14 13:54:00
In a classic case of growing living in relationship culture, a couple from Vizianagaram district got married in the presence of their children. They maintained live in relationship for more than 13 years. 
The couple - Narava Sanyasi Rao and Kondamma fell in love and decided to marry. But their parents rejected. As a result, they maintained live in relationship and also give birth two children.  
On the advice of a Vedic expert,  they decided to marry as the couple will not be allowed to perform Satyanarayana Vratam during a housewarming ceremony.  They constructed a house in their native village of Santagiramma Peta in Sringavarapu Kota. Following Hindu rituals,  the couple got married and their children were cheering.
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