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Uttar Pradesh: 16 people killed in bridge collapse

Tv HEALTH CARE 2018-05-16 02:58:55

Uttar Pradesh: 16 people killed in bridge collapse and several were injured, and 50 of them are went missing

Vallalam construction work was being worked  near Varanasi Cantonment railway station. More than 50 workers were involved in this construction.

As part of the bridge collapsed suddenly, many workers were trapped inside the ruins. The police informed that dmseveral were injured and rescuers were involved in the task of recovering workers into the save place

Furthermore, the  collapse is about 1km long. More than 50 workers are said to be trapped in these ruins. At the same time 12 people have been reported killed.

However, the first information has been reported that 16 people have been killed in the wreckage.
Regular rescue operations are taking place in the area.

This incident shocked the whole area, and several people raised a complaint against a contractor, who involved in this major accidents