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Top 4 famous celebrities who died of AIDS; No. 2 is an Indian actress

Owais wani 2018-06-11 20:09:52

When the AIDS epidemic first gained notice, the world was terrified. A gruesome and deadly disease, it even managed to infect some of the most famous actors, musicians, and other celebrities in the world. Here are also famous people who died of HIV infection and celebrities who kept their illness secret.Today, we have brought a list of celebrities who died of AIDS. Now, let’s have a look at them: 

1. Pedro Pablo Zamora

Pedro Pablo Zamora was a great television personality and Cuban-American AIDS educator. One of the deadliest diseases AIDS took his life in November 1994.

2.Nisha Noor

Nisha Noor was one of the top South Indian actresses in 1980s. She died of AIDS in 2007 in Chennai’s Tambaram.

3 .Rock Hudson

One of the top class actors of his era, Rock Hudson died of AIDS in October 1985.

4.Timothy Patrick Murphy

Timothy Patrick Murphy, an actor by profession, died at the age of 29 in December 1988. The cause of his death was AIDS.