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How to Keep Your Face Clean

NEWS 1st 2018-06-12 23:43:24

It’s difficult to maintain clear skin these days. Greasy food, pollution, the weather and even the occasional rise in hormones can lead to pimples, blackheads or tired looking skin. But having fresh and clear skin is simply a matter of eating well, taking care of your body and treating your skin with gentle care.

Here are freshness tips on how to keep face clean that will help you get clear and glowing skin:

⚫Pull back on creams:

Don’t go so heavy on night cream each night. Instead, try and switch to a light lotion that your skin will absorb. You can also try out a nice hydrating serum to illuminate your skin without shine.

⚫Experiment with face masks:

Exfoliation and following up with a mask at night is key to great, oil-free skin. Make sure you are exfoliating once or twice a week and if that isn’t enough for you, try a peel with glycolic acid to get the job done.

⚫Be mindful of what you eat:

Be mindful of what you eatSkip the cocktails and spicy food. They dilate blood vessels and cause you to sweat. Limit yourself to one drink a night (or only one night of drinks a week), and eat spicy foods no more than once a week. Also consider loading up instead on carrots, cantaloupe and spinach. Foods like these that are high in vitamin A can actually slow oil production. Of course, also stay away from greasy foods as much as possible.