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Molvom villagers repair suspension bridge without Government aid

The Sangai Express 2018-07-12 12:56:00

Our Correspondent
KANGPOKPI, Jul 11: Villagers of Molvom village under Saikul AC in Kangpokpi repaired the only suspension bridge located over Gundung River between Keithelmanbi Military Colony and Molvom without any assistance from the Government.
The suspension bridge serves as the only connectivity with the outside world for Malvom village inhabited by around 30 households.
Repairing of the suspension bridge has become their ‘annual responsibility’ since none of the elected local MLA, MDC and the authority concerned are devoted to address their grievances, said the villagers.
The suspension bridge which the villagers had made last was, as usual, washed away by the strong current of Gundung River in the recent flood like situation owing to incessant rainfall.
The flood had cut off the village from the outside world. Villagers of Molvom including small boys and girls crossed the river holding their hands together amidst strong currents.
Inhabitants of Molvom village mostly men were seen engaged in the repairing work of the bridge that will connect the village once again to the outside world.
School going children of Molvom village has to cross the wide perilous Gundung River to and fro while going to their respective schools at Keithelmanbi Military Colony and other places every day, said Simon, a villager.
“We spend around Rs 30,000 (minimum) every monsoon in repairing the suspension bridge as we have no one to help us,” he said.
“We have already approached our local MLA and MDC on a number of occasions with the issue but nothing has been done till today. The expenditure for repairing the suspension bridge is being contributed by the inhabitants of the village,” said Simon while adding that it has become not only difficult but impossible to contribute the amount since most of the villagers are daily wage earner living hand to mouth.
Drawing the attention of the local MLA, MDC and concerned authority for much needed assistance, Simon on behalf of the villagers appealed the Government to address their various grievances at the earliest.
With unpredictable weather, the river water may rise and wash away the bridge again leaving no choice to the villagers but to begin the repairing of the bridge from scratch again, said Simon.