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Blank Canvas: This New Instagram Beauty Trend Is Both Creative and Chic (View Pics)

Latestly 2018-09-14 16:04:00

blank canvas is the new beauty trend all over Instagram. blank canvas makeup trend. (Photo Credit: Instagram/ caitlinblackmua/ makeupmariaisabell)

The ever-changing Instagram trends are like breeze of fresh air each time. While some make you go 'WHYYY?!' some are simply a treat to the sore eyes. Whenever you think you've gotten hang of the recent Instagram beauty trend, yet another one pops-up as the most recent beauty trend on Instagram. The absolutely latest makeup trend on the social media platform is the ‘blank canvas.’ Slightly similar to the Instagram vs Real Life Makeup Trend called 'Instaception', blank canvas it Instagram's latest favourite beauty trend.

Like in the Instaception this look too involves using makeup only on a part of the face except it is not in the shape of an Instagram post. To achieve this look one has to only apply makeup to a single area, around the eyes and paint the rest of the face in white. In a shape of a paintbrush /makeup brush stroke, the area of your face decked with makeup will give an amazing illusion like you achieved the look by a single stroke of a brush. Reportedly started by 22-year-old makeup artist Jack Emory this trend has become extremely popular on Instagram.

Take a look at the picture to understand the 'blank canvas' look better.

Here is how he achieved the look.

Other beauty gurus also have tried the look.

While there is no message as such sent across by the trend one can guess that it may represent the power of makeup? How did you like this trend? Let us know in the comment section below. Till then check out the 6 Dramatic Eye Makeup Inspiration From Instagram That Will Make You Go WOW!