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Samantha Takes On MeToo Trolls

Cine Josh 2018-10-12 09:28:00

#Metoo campaign is creating tremors not only in Bollywood but across south as many celebrities are coming out and exposing how many renowned personalities exploited sexually. 

While Tanushree Dutta started it in B-Town, Chinmayi Sripada took it to another level in South. It is a well-known fact that Sri Reddy started it all in South revealing the big names but many silenced her and her over enthusiasm to hog the media limelight making wild allegations against Pawan Kalyan, raising suspicion about her real intentions. 

When Samantha came in support of #Metoo campaign, many started questioning why stars are coming after suffering for more than a decade and many even suspected whether it is a nice retirement plan. Samantha took them on with the following posts. 

 'Because it is only now a sisterhood where our words are stronger than these predators #Metoo or Is It?'.

 'Because we were scared for this exact same reason . That you would make it our fault'.

'Today My Son asked Me..Papa what is this #Metoo? I said it's a retirement insurance plan for ladies'.