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Actresses gets Furious over change of name

AP Herald 2018-11-07 10:18:51

Tollywood actress doesn't even mind about gossips prevailing about them or the skin show they make on screen. But they get furious when some one mis-spells their name. Below are some of the actresses who got furious when their name was wrongly spelt.

1. Samantha

Recently a critic while posting a news about 'Samantha', tweeted her name wrongly as 'Samnatha'. It was obvious that he has typed in some hurry and the name has gone wrong. An angry samantha immediately replied to that tweet saying, "Is that name of any new heroine?"

2. Tamannaah

'Tamanna' changed her name according to numerology and now it is spelled as 'Tamannaah'. During a movie review, a critic wrote her name as 'Tamanna' and the milky white beauty frankly poster it on Twitter and asked him to change the name as 'Tamannaah'. However the tweet was deleted later.

3. Rakul Preet

Rakul Preet who follows footsteps of Samantha has done the same thing to a critic. Rakul just imitates Samantha and keeps a fashion designer for herself and she also wishes to do glamour roles like Samantha. She also makes blatant statement. A critic speller her name as 'Rakul Preeth' and she immediately corrected him, that her name is 'Rakul Preet'.