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Know why Bill Gates cried because of sex worker

News Crab 2018-12-03 14:03:21
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While Bill Gates is called the world's richest person, he is equally active in the social service. Bill Gates, who has often visited India on many occasions, had visited India on the occasion of AIDS Day. He had come to India to attend Gates Foundation's AIDS prevention program. Here he got emotional after hearing the sex worker story, his eyes became wet.

The victim said her her daughter's classmates did wrong with her daughter, due to which she committed suicide, and is no more now. Ashok Alexander, who has been running the Gates Foundation for 10 years, expressed this fact in his book. The name of this book is "A Stranger Truth: Lessons in Love, Leadership and Courage from India's Sex Workers". This book tells the story of India's sex workers. How do they live their life, struggling with their life and moving ahead. This book tells the story of six sex workers of India who are living their life after all kinds of adversity and obstacles.

When Gates came to India under this program, when he met these women, he came to know about thisstory. a sex worker said that she had kept secreat about sex worker's profession from her daughter. But when her classmates came to know about this, they all people continued to make fun of her and some even did wrong with her. One day when she came home from work she found her daughter hanged from fan. She had written a suicide note in the room that she could not bear anymore.

Alexander has told in the book that he noticed that Bill Gates was crying down his head after hearing about the incident, her story. Further in the book it is written that it is extremely painful and irony of the society that a woman is selling herself for 50 rupees to meet the needs of her family.

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