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Basil leaves make your hair Dandruff free

News Track 2018-12-05 15:08:00

Hair is the jewel of women, if not care properly, its beauty ends. Hair has started to face more problems due to expensive out-of-the-box production, which leads to great loss. It is not so in women only, Men are also disturbed by this, but they get more attention in women. Everybody wants his hair to be free and beautiful, whether it is female or male.

The problem of Dandruff can be to anyone. This problem arises due to dead cells located in the skin of the head. Dandruff makes hair lifeless and weak. Let's tell you today some ways to remove dandruff. Due to this problem many times the dust starts coming out of the soil and the skin starts to become oily and the hair starts becoming weak. But with Basil's remedy, it can be stopped.

 * Basil is very helpful in relieving many problems related to skin and hair. It is a natural remedy, there is no danger or any side-effects like this.

* Tulsi has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties. Mix basil leaves and amla powder in water and make paste. Massage from this paste on the head. Leave for half an hour. Wash with water afterwards. With the use of basil, Dandruff will get rid of soon.