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'Rath yatra' on the road

Afternoon Despatch and Courier 2018-12-07 00:00:00

THE 'rath' is a religious transport which has been used in our country for a long while. It is still used mostly in temple squares. It becomes a part of celebration on a festive occasion. It is pulled across the temple square with devotees shouting prayers to God.

People now want to take it out of temple squares and use it on roads on  festive occasions. They did it recently in Delhi and it was a success.

But it is dangerous to get it out of temple squares. The Bharatiya Janata Party wanted to bring it out in West Bengal and use it in a religious ceremony on the roads.

West Bengal's Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee said a firm 'No'. Who will take responsibility for accidents, she asked. The organisers explained but the chief minister would not change  her view. The BJP went to the High Court and complained.

Now what will the rath yatriks do? Will they go ahead and celebrate?

It is a fact it is not very safe that the rath is pulled through crowded streets. Our roads are not constructed for 'rath yatras'.

Actually, so many other things should not be allowed on our roads. Continuous chaos prevails in some of our roads in cities. For instance, people should not be jaywalking there but they are doing it. They have to observe some rules, but they don't. Accidents take place.

But with the rules of walking in place, a 'rath yatra' can go through safely. Mamta Bannerjee appears be a tough political person.

'Rath yatra' once in a way, carefully arranged for a big celebration - with all the road rules in place and with traffic police present, could perhaps be held.