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Unnecessary Tech: LavvieBot Unveils a Smart Toilet for Cats at CES

Make Use of 2019-01-11 08:50:05

What’s the worst part of owning a cat? The hair? The smell? The scratch marks? Maybe. But for many people, it’s the cleaning out the litter box.

If you’re a poop-adverse cat lover, PurrSong might have the answer for you. At CES 2019, the South Korean company unveiled a self-cleaning litter box called LavvieBot.


LavvieBot isn’t the smallest device in the world—it’s at least two-feet tall and more than a foot wide, but it’s well designed and looks sleek, meaning it won’t look out of place in most people’s living rooms and kitchens. The device is only available in white.

The device cleans the litter box with a rake, storing the waste in an internal bag which you’ll only need to empty once every couple of weeks. The litter is refilled from a 6.5-liter storage bin.

The litter box pairs with a smartphone app that’s available on both Android and iOS. You can use the app to set the cleaning intervals, and you can even receive an alert when your cat uses the tray. LavvieBot is also Amazon Dash-enabled; you can order more litter with a single press of a button.

The device can track your cat’s weight over time, and it can distinguish between multiple cats in your household.

PurrSong’s biggest competitor is Litter Robot, but LavvieBot has some notable benefits. For starters, Litter Robot is bigger. It also can’t refill the litter box, and the design isn’t as neat.

Sadly, if you own a Maine Coon or Savannah cat, the LavvieBot is not for you—those breeds are above the maximum weight.

You might also have second thoughts if your cat is old or has weak legs. The litter entry point is 16-inches above ground. In a worst-case scenario, you can supply a ladder or cushion to aid entry.

LavvieBot will start its crowdfunding campaign in May 2019. The rep suggested a price tag of around $380.

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