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Final Fantasy digital card game coming... to Japan

AndroidPit 2019-01-11 14:30:01
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A Final Fantasy digital card game is coming... to Japan at least

Authored by: David McCourt 54 seconds ago

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The turn-based game, which will feature characters and summons from the RPG series of games on console, has been designed with an old-school vibe. The teaser images show 16-bit sprites and a grid-based battle format. There will also be character customization and the ability to level-up the cards in your deck. For fans of the FF games on SNES, it will be certainly easy on the eye.

The 16-bit style is reminiscent of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. / © Phone Arena

Each battle is limited to 12-turns to cut down on the time it takes to get your business done. There will, as is customary these days, be in-game micro-transactions for those who don't like the idea of grinding to level up your party the old-fashioned way. PvP battles allow players to take on others in the real world.

A closed beta for the Final Fantasy card game is scheduled to run between January 18 and January 25 in Japan. It will then be released on the Yahoo! Japan Game Plus platform, which supports both PC and smartphones.

The CCG features turn-based PvP battles. / © Phone Arena

There is already a physical Final Fantasy card game, which was released Japan in 2012 and in English in October 2016.

Collectible card games are big business at the moment. Hearthstone paved the way for the genre to go mainstream, and the former Blizzard developers who made the game are reportedly working on a new game set in the Marvel universe. The controversial Diablo Immortal, an MMORPG for smartphones, is also in the works.

The game only announced for release in Japan so far. / © Phone Arena

Would you be excited for a Final Fantasy CCG? Have your say in the comments below.

Source: Phone Arena