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Me, The Change: Young Women Voters Ka Dil Maange More Education

the quint 2019-01-11 19:44:15

India’s first-time women voters aspire to study more and are willing to move cities and even countries in order to do so, The Quint’s recent survey conducted with CSDS has shown. According to the survey, which is a part of The Quint’s ‘Me, The Change’ campaign, 80 percent of India’s young women are willing to move to a different city for their studies.

The survey looks at the wants and aspirations of 5,000 first-time women voters in the country, with regard to aspects of life such as education, health, career and personal freedom. So what do these women feel about education?

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Want to Study More

The survey found that two out of five, or 40 percent of the young women want to pursue a post-graduate degree.

One out of five women surveyed also said that they wanted to attain a professional degree or aspired to pursue research.

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Willing to Move Cities to Pursue Studies

According to the survey, young women pursuing their studies are highly motivated to move to other cities for their studies.

An overwhelming 80 percent of the total women surveyed said they would be willing to move to a different city for their studies, while nine percent said that their decision would depend on the situation.
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The aspiration to move cities for education was seen to be higher in villages than in towns or big cities.

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Want to Continue Studying After Marriage

Of all the women surveyed, 64 percent of the unmarried young women said that they would like to continue their studies even after marriage. This number was higher in villages than in big cities and towns, with 67 percent of the young unmarried women expressing the desire to continue studying.

The survey found that while the number was 63 percent in towns, 52 percent of the young women in cities said that they wanted to continue their studies after marriage.

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