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Arabs should thwart Israel’s ambitions in Africa

Gulf News 2019-01-11 18:20:21
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the Economic Club of Washington in Washington on March 7, 2018. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Most recently, Africa has drawn more attention in Israeli newspapers in focusing — falsely, of course — on a claim of “the unity of tragedy” between the Jewish and African people, who suffered from slavery just as the Jews suffered “Holocaust” and displacement! During the last three years, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Africa three times, including a historic visit in June 2017 to Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Liberia. During this visit, Netanyahu was the first non-African leader to address the West African Conference, with one-third of the participating members being Muslim. Then, in July 2016, relations with Guinea were renewed, and a year later, Netanyahu and Ebrahim Abu Bakr Keita, president of Mali, agreed to restore bilateral relations.