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‘Filmmakers should be celebrated’

The Tribune 2019-01-12 08:28:00

A still from No Fathers In Kashmir

Filmmaker Ashvin Kumar, who still awaits a censor certificate for the release of his film No Fathers In Kashmir, says censorship has no place in modern democracy. The filmmaker, son of celebrated veteran fashion designer Ritu Kumar, is himself an Oscar nominated talent. He has been struggling to get a U/A certificate for his new movie.

“Censorship has no place in modern democracy, filmmakers should be celebrated not suspected, it’s a colonial anachronism in the era of internet. While harassment may not be intentional or personal or political, it’s built into a system which makes it tough to give benefit of doubt,” Ashvin tweeted on Friday. No Fathers in Kashmir is a love story between two 16-year-olds whose fathers have disappeared in Kashmir with no certainty of their return. — IANS

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