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Young guy commits suicide due to Obesity

AP Herald 2019-02-10 12:21:19
Seems Anushka Shetty has chosen the right movie to convey a message. An obese person has committed suicide at his residence in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The 24 year old young person who weighed 110 Kgs committed suicide due to the excess weight.
Reports said that the person was Vetriselvan and he was working in a mill near by. He was suffering from Muscular pain. Especially his legs and back has got more pain due to over weight.
He has taken various treatment to reduce this excess weight. But as none of them proved to reduce his weight, he got depressed. Due to this excess depression, he committed suicide by hanging himself using a dhoti. Coimbatore Police came to the spot immediately and recovered the body.
His parents noticed the suicide and informed the nearby police station. Neighbours near by said that he was always looking crest-fallen and upset with this over weight. They also said that he took some tablets and other medics to reduce weight.