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Mithali Raj Out Of T20 Squad Against New Zealand- Strange But True- Unfair

kukikol 2019-02-10 21:06:22

Mithali Raj is a famous name in cricketing fraternity in India and across the world. She is the captain of current India ODIW team. Harmanpreet Kaur is the captain of T20 squad. Recently, on a tour of New Zealand from 24 Jan to 10 Feb 2019, India played 3x ODIs and 3X T20Is against the hosts.

Surprisingly Mithali’s sat on the benches for the first two T20 matches which India lost badly trailing series 0-2. Her warming up the benches came as a shock to the entire nation, various world media and all teams in the world. To justify her exclusion from the squad, the T20 captain and management stated that Indian team is being groomed with youngsters so they need to play more cricket and Mithali Raj can inspire the players better from the dressing room. What a lopsided and illogical reason that was. Even a child will state that Mithali can inspire , groom and teach budding players better on the field while rubbing shoulders with them.

The big question is Why was she not in the T20 team? Was it a deleberate attempt to take a revenge of some kind or her game has fallen to a great low? Is politics being played in dressing room?

This is not the first time that she has been given out such a harsh treatment. Similar thing happened prior to semifinal match against England during Women’s World Cup in 2018. And India lost that match and a chance to play in the finals. The entire world was shocked. What a shame.

Same thing happened in New Zealand. Her omission in first two T20 matches resulted in miserable defeats at the hands of hosts.

It is very sad to learn that a great player like Mithali Raj is being rested when T20 team is so weak. She was played in 3rd T20 to salvage pride but unfortunately, India lost that two with a narrow margin.

Let me highlight some of her achievements for those of you who do not know this great cricketer well.

  • First women cricketer to reach 6000 runs ODIs.
  • First cricketer to score consecutive seven fifties in ODIs
  • Most half centuries in ODIs.
  • First player from India (Men and Women) to reach 2000 WT20I runs.

My Observations

  • Politics in dressing room and ego problems between players must not take precedence over National Interest– Game of Cricket in this case.
  • Mithali is like a Queen of Indian cricket. She deserves respect and her status as the greatest cricketer of repute must be maintained at all costs.
  • Have we ever heard of D Eduljee (Greatest women cricketer of all times), S Gawaskar, S Tendulkar or MS Dhoni being treated in this disrespectful way? No never. Then why do it to M Raj?

BCCI, T20 Captain and management should view the impact of her omission from T20 squad in the overall scenario and be fair to this great player.

If she is not respected and included in T20 squad, i am afraid, she may announce her retirement for T20 cricket.

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