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‘Screen women for breast cancer every year from 35’

News Summed Up 2019-02-11 05:30:00

Beginning screening earlier for women with a family history of breast cancer could save lives, researchers said RUI VIERA/PATens of thousands of women with a family history of breast cancer would benefit from annual NHS checks, according to a study. Health chiefs have been urged to consider screening such women from 35 after the study concluded that this would find almost twice as many tumours at an early stage while halving the number that had already spread by the time they were detected. Lives are likely to be saved by spotting these cancers earlier and the extra screening would not create a significant risk of healthy women getting needless treatment, researchers said. Breast cancer is Britain’s most common cancer, affecting 55,000 women a year and killing almost 12,000. The NHS offers all women aged 50 to 70 breast x-ray screening every three years.…