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Wayne Rooney and Coleen's marriage hits rock bottom again after superstar is seen getting cosy with barmaid

Sports Wallah 2019-02-11 17:20:36

Wayne Rooney despite being with his childhood sweetheart for many years has always had a bit of a reputation of being a love rat. The former Manchester United legend who is currently playing in the MLS for DC United hasn’t changed his ways over the years, it seems.

His marriage with Coleen has been under heavy media scrutiny over the years after various reports had emerged of his cheating ways. Over the years, the media has always speculated that the marriage between the pair has been on the verge of a breakdown.

Wayne Rooney has always had a reputation of being a love rat. (Source: These Football Times)

The speculation about the status of their relationship has now again raised its ugly head after a report in British tabloid ‘The Sun’ revealed that Coleen has threatened to leave Rooney again.

This time, the tipping point has been Rooney’s latest drinking binge with a barmaid named Vicki Rosiek in bars all over Florida. It is believed that the superstar footballer drank and got cozy with her till the wee hours of the morning.

The tabloid has further claimed through a source that this has brought about great strain between Wayne and Coleen and that she has threatened to fly back to England with the kids, leaving him alone in America.

A source in the Sun stated, “Coleen has never been angrier at Wayne. She was furious Wayne was back in the news for boozing and cannot believe he has been so stupid as to find himself caught up with another woman again. It’s just so embarrassing. When Coleen found out she said she’d jump on a plane to the UK and take the boys with her and leave him on his own in America.”

A picture of Vicki Rosiek with who Wayne Rooney was spotted drinking. (Source: The Sun)

The incident happened in Florida as Rooney had flown there for a pre-season tour with DC United while Coleen and the kids were at home in Washington DC. It is believed that Rooney and Vickie went on a drinking binge, which lasted for over 10-hours in various different bars.

The source further revealed, “She’s sick of being in a situation where he’s out drinking with women. She is not enjoying Washington.”

It remains to be seen whether this turns out to be the final straw in what has been a turbulent relationship over the years between the Rooneys.