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Bride ties Mangalsutra to groom

Eenadu India 2019-03-12 13:44:00

Bride ties Mangalsutra to groom

Vijayapura (Karnataka): Going against the traditional norms of an Indian marriage, a couple in Vijayapura district of Karnataka made their wedding ceremony, a platform to fight against the inherent stigmas and stereotypes associated with it.

Ankita and Prabhuraj's 'unusual wedding' went against two major rituals of a typical Hindu marriage.

The couple alongwith their parents disregarded the age-old stigma of getting married during the auspicious hours and have refused to set a 'shubh lagna' for the wedding ceremony.

The second act became the 'talk of the town', as the bride tied the sacred thread (mangalsutra) around the groom's neck, completely opposite to the prevailing tradition.

These drastic changes in traditional rituals had also earned the marriage a tag of 'distinctive wedding'.