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YS Jagan postponed announcement for list of candidates by March 16

AP Herald 2019-03-13 08:06:20

As per report YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who was supposed to announce the first list of candidates of YCP yesterday, has changed his mind. Accordingly he has postponed the announcement of the first list of candidates owing to some party leaders' advice. Meanwhile going into details, originally, Jagan had scheduled to release the first list of candidates today morning. Reportedly he got busy with the joining of candidates into the party. Apparently Thota family and PVP have met YS Jagan yesterday and formally joined into the party at good muhurat and hence Jagan missed yesterday's auspicious Muhurat.

Meanwhile Jagan wanted to go ahead and announce the first list today, a few party leaders reportedly advised him not to announce today as Muhurat is over. Furthermore as per the fresh muhurat, Jagan will be announcing the first list of candidates on 16th March, Saturday i.e Dashami and 10.26 AM is finalized as the auspicious muhurat and expected to be a "winning" muhurat.

Moreover Jagan may also add a few more names in the first list of candidates. Perhaps the delay in the announcement of candidates is raising suspense further. YCP MLA ticket aspirants are keeping their fingers crossed. Furthermore on the other hand, TDP is planning to announce its first list of candidates on14th March (Ashtami) and Pawan Kalyan announced his party's candidates yesterday 13th March (Sapthami). Moreover it looks like, Jagan will have some advantage as aspirants who missed chance in TDP's list could join YCP and may contest from YCP.