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Ramesh Babu History Maker Barber who owns a Rolls Royce

AP Herald 2019-03-14 06:55:14

Accordingly Ramesh Babu, the barber who became a millionaire, did exactly this when he was shaping his dazzling destiny. Meanwhile stories of personal perseverance, the ones where heroes overcome severe obstacles and achieve dizzying heights of success, have been around since the beginning of time but they never get old. Furthermore they inspire us and inflame our passions, making us believe we too can follow suit.

Previously Ramesh Babu bought a Maruti Van with his meager savings in 1994, but by 2004, he had a fledgling car rental business with seven regular cars. Earlier in 2014 he has a fleet of 200 cars and what is even more extraordinary is the 75 luxury cars on the fleet a range of Mercedes, BMW’s, Audi’s, five and ten seater luxury vans and, his ultimate pride, a Rolls Royce.

Furthermore from 1994 onward he seriously got into the car rental business. Apparently the first company he rented it out to be Intel because that’s where Nandini akka was working and she helped arrange it. Moreover he started adding more cars to the fleet. Till 2004, he only had about five to six cars and he was focused on getting the saloon business off the ground, so this was not my priority. Reportedly the business was not doing well as the competition at this level was intense and moreover he thought of getting into luxury cars because that is something that no one else was doing.