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Will never be bogged down by BJP's remarks: Anand Asnotikar

News Karnataka 2019-04-14 16:31:19

Karwar: “Let the Bharatiya Janata Party people keep barking like dogs, I’ll keep moving strongly like an elephant”, said the Congress and Janata Dal (S) Lok Sabha coalition candidate Anand Asnotikar, here on Sunday, April 14.

Addressing a press meet he said, “I’ll never be bogged down by the remarks made by them against me."

Criticizing the sitting MP and BJP Uttar Kannada district Lok Sabha candidate Ananth Kumar Hegde and other BJP leaders he said, “Ananth Kumar Hegde and other leaders from the party are now frightened because I am contesting the elections against them. For this reason, these people are indulging into fake propaganda against me.”

“They are accusing me over the Hanakona Power Plant project. At that point of time, BJP State President B S Yeddyurappa was the chief minister and Ananth Kumar Hegde was an MP. I had told them that the people would face problems if the power plant project was implemented, but I was told to remain silent by Hegde. When one knows that it will create issues to people why did they avail clearance from the Centre and implement it?”, he added holding Hegde responsible for the project. 

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