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Week 19, "Shramadan by RK Mission, Swacchata Abhiyan" in city, April 14

Mangalore Today 2019-04-15 10:00:30

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Mangaluru, Apr 15, 2019: Ramakrishna Mission (RK) Swacchata Abhiyan’s 19 th Shramadan of V phase was carried out in Kulshekhar Chowki area April 14, Sunday. The Shramadan was jointly flagged off  Dr G V Hegde, Executive Director of Karnataka Milk Producers Union, Dakshina Kannada and Chief of Marketing Division, Sri Jayadevappa.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr G V Hegde said, “For the last 4 years, Swacchata Abhiyan is making waves all over India. Mangalore is getting cleaner day after day thank s to the consistent and dedicated efforts of the team members of Swacch Mangaluru and the awakened citizens of Mangaluru city. I am glad to note that along with stressing on physical cleanliness, the Abhiyan also focuses on changing the mind set  of people through Swacch Manas and  Soch Abhiyans. I wish this Abhiyan more success.”

Sri Jayadevappa said, “Bringing all the people of same mind set under single umbrella and making them work for a single social initiative like Swacchata Abhiyan is only possible through institutions like Ramakrishna Mission. This work is not of only several volunteers. But people from all sections of society join  hands.”
 Sri Umanath Kotekar, Ranjan Bellarpady, Aniruddh Nayak, Shivaram Adoor, Balakrishan Naik, Shivaram Poojari, Sunanda Shivaram, Nihal Shetty and others were present on this occasion.

Shramadan: Shramadan was started from Kulshekar Chowki Bus Stand. Himmat Singh and  volunteers cleaned he bus shelter. They climbed on to the roof top of the shelter and cleaned the dry leaves and dirt. They removed several posters pasted on the walls of the Bus stand. After this some volunteers led by Anand Adyar, Vikhyath and others painted the shelter. Another team of volunteers with Avinash Anchan cleaned a ugly spots by removing garbage and levelled the ground. Pots with flowering plants were kept on the spot. Women volunteers cleaned both sides of the Mangalore-Sholapur highway at Kulshekar Chowki. Another team of volunteers led by Punith
Poojari and Ravi K R cleaned the surroundings of Nandini Bus Stand. Pots with plants were kept on  that spot too. Team of Swacchata Yodhas will henceforth keep an eye on these two spots and create awareness among the public against littering.

Merlapadavu: Swacchata Abhiyan was carried out under the guidance of Ramakrishna (RK) Mission at Valacchil- Merlapadavu area. Shramadan was carried out in the surroundings of Naga-Nagini Kshetra. Kamalaksha Kottari and Smt. Vinoda flagged off the drive. About 70 volunteers cleaned  many roads, removed weeds and  removed dirt, stones and garbage for nearly 2 hours. Rajesh Shetty, Denzil, Nishitha, Vijayalakshmi, Sowmya, Shashidhar, Navin & others took part in the Shramadan.
Jayaram Shettigar, Ashok Kottari coordinated the Sharamadan.

Puttur: Swacch Puttur team took up cleanliness drive near Kabaka junction and surrounding areas. Dr Shashidhar Kaje and  V C Nayak inaugurated the drive and spoke a few words. Volunteers of Swacch Puttur team and about 40 students of Ambika College cleaned the area near Kabaka junction, nearby roads and drains. PDO Asha, P Satish Rao, Prakash Devasya, Shankar Mallya, Gopalakrishna Upadhyaya, Durgaprasad, Prashanth Uppinangadi and many other joined their hands. Arshad Kabak distributed cool drinks to all volunteers. G Krishna Coordinated the drive.

MRPL is sponsoring these drives.  Report received from Swami Chidambarananda, Chief Convener.

** Contact – 9448353162 - Swami Ekagamyananda, convener, Ramakrishna Mission Swacchata Abhiyan.