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"Khaki Underwear" remark on Jaya Parda puts Azam Khan in jeopardy, case filed

News Track En 2019-04-15 10:40:00

Rampur: Making a disgraceful remark on rival BJP leader Jaya Prada’s underwear during a election rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur constituency on Sunday has put Samajwadi Party candidate Azam Khan in hot waters and a FIR has been lodged against him for “insulting” the modesty of a woman, according to reports.

Though in his defense the SP senior leader who is fondly known for his fiery speeches and bluntness said he will not contest the elections if anyone can prove that he named the actor-turned-politician when he said , “…the underwear beneath is of the khakhi colour.”

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“I will not contest the polls if proven guilty…I haven’t named or insulted anyone and I know what I should say,” Azam Khan told media.

“I was a nine-time MLA from Rampur and have been a minister. I know what to say,” the SP leader said in a retreat following outrage and condemnation of his comments.

Clarifying his remarks Azam Khan alleged that his speech was in the context of a “man” who had apparently said that “he brought 150 rifles with him” and if he sees Azam Khan, he would shoot him. Without naming who he was referring to Azam Khan said, “Now, it has been revealed that he has an RSS pant on his body. Shorts are worn by men.”

Azam Khan in his controversial speech had said, “…I want to ask you, should politics stoop so low? 10 years the person sucked the blood of Rampur , I held that person’s finger and brought the person to Rampur. I made her familiar with the streets of Rampur . I didn’t let anyone touch her. No dirty words were used. You made the person your representative for 10 years . But what is the difference between you and me. Rampur waalon , Hindustan waalon , uski asliyat samajhne main aapko 17 baras lag gaye (understanding the person’s real face you took 17 years). I realised in 17 days, that the underwear beneath is of the khakhi colour.” SP leader’s remarks were widely interpreted as targeted at Jaya Prada. The actress-turned-politician last week alleged that she left Rampur after her “indecent images” were circulated and attempts were made to attack her with acid.

“I told Mulayam Singh Ji that my indecent images are being circulated in Rampur, save me. But no politician tried to save me,” Jaya Prada claimed. She broke down alleging, “I left Rampur and active politics because they tried to attack me with acid.” Later composing herself, she continued: “For the first time, I have the strength of the BJP behind me. I don’t want to cry like before. I have the right to live, and I will, to serve you.”

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SP leader’s derogatory and disrespectful remark against Jaya received heavy criticism from BJP and its ally Janata Dal United. “This type of language is unacceptable…using such words for women is shameful, we condemn this statement. Azam Khan should apologize,” demanded senior JD(U) leader Pawan Verma.

Senior BJP leader and union minister Sushma Swaraj condemned Azam’s audacious remark by postingan analogy from Mahabharata on her twitter account when Draupadi was being disrobed. She also asked Mulayam Singh Yadav, founder of Samajwadi Party and former UP chief minister, not to make the “mistake” of staying silent just like Pitamah Bhishma, when Draupadi was disrobed by Duryodhana in Mahabharata.

The National Commission for Women also browbeat Azam for disgracing a woman and threaten to take up strong actions against the SP leader.

“Absolutely disgraceful. Azam Khan is always abusive and disrespectful towards women. NCW will send a notice to him… will request the Election Commission to bar him from contesting elections,” said the panel’s chairperson Rekha Sharma.

Jaya Prada came into politics in 1994 after a successful filmy career. The actress-turned-politician won the Rampur Lok Sabha seat in 2004 and 2009 on a Samajwadi Party ticket but same year ( on 2009, 11 may) Jaya Prada alleged that senior SP leader Azam Khan was distributing nude pictures of her and later, in 2010, she was expelled for alleged anti-party activities. She joined the BJP last month.

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