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Guru Swasthya Yoga & Ayurveda organises Swarna Prashana Samskara

State Times 2019-04-15 11:41:25

State Times News
KATHUA: Guru Swasthya Yoga & Ayurveda on Sunday organised Swarna Prashana Samskara for 0-16 years children. Dr Guru Prasad Sharma while explaining told that Swarna Prashana is one of the sixteen Samskaras mentioned in Ayurveda texts.
Dr Guru told that as a Yoga and Ayurvedic practitioner, he feels himself fortunate that with the blessings of God Dhanwantri and the parents and teachers, he is the source of introducing this beautiful ancient method of Ayurveda to the common mass here in Kathua.
Dr Guru told that he feels this is the best way to serve the community by awarung the public regarding the holistic methods of Ayurveda and Yoga.
Dr Guru described that he has tried to follow all the rituals and ethics mentioned in Ayurvedic texts while preparing Swarna Prashana Aushadi for its maximum benefits to the children.
He told that preparation of this Aushadi in Brahma Muhurta on Pushya Nakshatra while chanting Mantras and then administration on that particular day brings wonders as mentioned in Vedas. Dr Guru told that it is beneficial for all children from 0-16 against any infection or fight against disease, those who can’t speak properly,those who have weak memory,who can’t concentrate on studies, Autism diseased. He requested all the parents to follow Ayurveda and Yoga in their daily lifestyle and to take maximum benefits of Swarna Prashana for healthy and disease free living of their children.
He also told that next Pushya Nakshatra day is on 11th May and the parents can bring their children to Guru Swasthya Yoga & Ayurveda Clinic to avail the benefits. Dr Sakshi Sharma accompanied Dr Guru in preparing and then in administrating the Aushadi to the children. Total 25 children were given Swarna Prashana Aushadi today.