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IPL 2019: 5 instances when umpiring mistakes took a toll on the game

Crictracker 2019-04-15 12:38:11

Three weeks ago the cricketers from around the globe started painting the canvas of IPL 2019. Till now the canvas looks extremely artistic as the artists of IPL have used charming colours and silken brushes. At its halfway mark the league still requires some layering and touch up for its completion. The fans have already witnessed some of their artists at work, and now will be eagerly waiting for the unveiling of the entire masterpiece, IPL playoffs.

IPL has always provided the audience with some intense and breathtaking action. Over the years the competition has been cutthroat between the 8 teams, and that has made the officials’ life even more difficult. Due to the presence of international superstars and jam-packed stadiums umpires are put under immense pressure. In such cases, it is certain that umpires are gonna make mistakes at some point of time as they are also humans, but recently the work has been really shoddy and it has to be addressed to quickly.

Here are the 5 instances when umpiring mistakes took a toll on the game of IPL:

1) MI vs SRH -2017

In 2017, Mumbai was going to host the Hyderabad franchise at the Wankhede. Both the teams were high on confidence after their successful start to the campaign. As usual, Rohit won the toss and decided to bowl first because, of the short boundaries and flat pitch. The officials for the game were Nitin Menon and C.K. Nandan. It was all smooth until powerplay as MI didn’t allow SRH to take advantage of the field restrictions.

David Warner took the strike on the first ball of Mitchell McClenaghan’s over which was the 7th over of the innings. At that time the commentators noticed that Warner scored a boundary in the last ball of the previous over of Bumrah. Both the officials and the TV umpire didn’t notice that Warner retained strike for the following over.

MI was again at the receiving end as in their previous game Rohit was wrongly adjudged LBW by the same pair of umpires. The decision didn’t affect the outcome of the game as MI won by 4 wickets but the umpires were really casual in their approach.

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