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5 Places To Eat The Best Jalebi In Kolkata

Whats Hot 2019-04-15 23:48:58

What makes jalebi so special? The juicy crunch, the hot serving, the dripping syrup or the taste that leaves you in awe of this delicious dessert? There are plenty of reasons (perhaps more!) that makes it one of the most beloved sweet dish in India. If we talk about Kolkata, it gets way to better. Locally termed as jilipi, these crispy fried sweetened pieces are the evening charm of every adda in Kolkata. There is the fine combination of kesar along with pista and badam at times to garnish the juicy swirling little sweetlings. What more? Just like the North makes jalebis come with a bowl of rabdi, Kolkatans seem to make it traditional offering with a taste of Bengal at every juicy arc of the jalebi. These 5 places in the city fry it right and from the hot boiling oil to your mouths, every bite will be worth your pretty penny. 

1. Gangaur

Image Credit: Vegan Richa

During the morning hours, if you happen to be at Park Street, don't miss out the freshly fried and served jalebi at Gangaur. The place, although a casual dining spot, offers jalebi with the morning breakfast to all people. Their special must-try is the out-of-the-world kesariya jalebi which happens to contain the essence of kesar along with the perfect sweetness. Their kachoris are delicious too. 

Where: 2, Anandilal Poddar Street, Park Street

Cost: Two pieces for Rs 50

2. Arun Tea Stall

Image Credit: Lakshya Vij

When it comes to brewing the best tea in the city or serving the spiral juicy jalebis, Arun Tea Stall stands next to none. It is not just their varieties of tea which draws the crowd but also the delicious jalebis which they offer. Their width is smaller, crunchier, and juicier that can make any foodaholic crave for savouring the sweets. Honestly, not just the jalebis but Arun Tea Stall has all the ingredients for an evening Bengali adda with bharer cha, kachori, samosa, pakode, etc. 

Where: Shakespeare Sarani

Cost: Rs 15/ piece

3. Tewari Confectioners

Image Credit: Video Blocks

If you are a jalebi lover and it has been weeks since you have been craving for a bite, Tewari Confectioners are just the destination in Kolkata. This legendary shop is the favourite haunt of students and working people, especially during the evening, to grab a bite of the delicious crispy food. One aspect of their sweetmakers is their speciality to fry dry variations of jalebi for people who wish to skip the juicy part. With sweets made up of desi ghee, this place is a must-visit for all Kolkatans. 

Where: Minto Park

Cost: Rs 12 per piece

4. Maharaj

Image Credit: Chetna Makan

For people of South Kolkata, Maharaj Jalebiwala is their favourite. The best thing about their swirling juicy delicacy is that they don't make it rich and keep it simple. But the frying is to absolute perfection and the sugar syrup is densely delicious. Along with tasty samosa and kachori, Maharaj's jalebi reaches everywhere. Honestly, finding a spot to stand gets hard during evenings when it's time to serve it hot. 

Where: 195A, Sarat Bose Road

Cost: Rs 7 per piece

5. Kanhaiya Kachori & Jalebi Shop

Image Credit: Pixabay

A seemingly small shop at Rabindra Sarani just made the list due to the sheer taste of their jalebis. Kanhaiya specializes in frying small sized crispy jalebis dipped in extra sweet sugar syrup. So, if you have a sweet tooth, Kanchiya's fresh jalebis are your snack shack in Kolkata. Apart from that, their kachoris are spicy and simply outstanding too. The destination is perfect for evening tea, adda and grabbing a quick bite of their small extra sweetened jalebis. 

Where: 224, Rabindra Sarani

Cost: Rs 10 per piece