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Parl't to say final vote on constitutional amendments Tuesday: Abdel Aal

News Summed Up 2019-04-15 05:30:00

Parliament Speaker Ali abdel-Aal at the House of Representatives - press photoCAIRO – 15 April 2019: The Parliament will make a final vote on a report about the proposed constitutional amendments Tuesday. If the parliament approves the report, a public referendum will be conducted to give the final word on the matter to the people.The members of the Parliament's legislative committee will meet after the plenary session on Sunday to discuss the final report, said Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal.Three important general sessions will be held on Tuesday to probe the amendments stated in the report, Abdel Aal said, adding that MPs will vote on the amendments in the third session.The Parliament earlier gave a preliminary approval of the constitutional amendments submitted by 155 Parliament members. Also, heads of the judicial bodies would be appointed by the president.The proposed amendments also include restoring Shura Council – a senate- to broaden representation at the Parliamentary Councils- after it was dissolved in 2012. The appointment of deputy president is also one of the amendments. Supporting women, Youth, Christian minority, the disabled, and the Egyptian expatriates community by solid constitutional articles are included in the amendments.One of the amendments stipulates, “The Armed Forces are the guarantor of the democracy and civil state, and the appointment way of defense minister should be reconsidered.”