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ASOS ‘bubble wrap’ dress mocked on Twitter for being see-through

The Advertiser 2019-04-16 06:47:00

ASOS has done it again, people. The online retailer’s latest fashion faux pas has left people in stitches all over the internet.

The retailer is known for selling a range of questionable pieces, from the unorthodox “cling wrap pants”, to the horror show that is the Leg Cut Out Leg Harness.

But this time, the store has truly outdone itself, offering a dress so ridiculous and impractical that shoppers claim they could recreate it by spending $10 at Officeworks.

Behold, the “all over sequin mesh beach dress”.

This sheer mesh, slip dress is described as “totally see-though” and comes in sizes XS-L.

The internet is having an absolute field day with this one, claiming the dress looks exactly like a roll of bubble wrap.

“This looks like something a new TV got wrapped in,” one person commented.

Another joked: “They sell the same outfit at officeworks”.

To add insult to injury, the dress is currently on sale, down from $136 to $68. So get in quick, while stocks last.

The dress features a cowl neck and thin spaghetti straps, and the description promises “sweet looks from the ground up”.

Bubble wrap lovers everywhere said the poor model probably wouldn’t get sweet looks outside the studio, but a bunch of itchy hands, desperate to pop some wrap.

“You could have some fun popping that,” one person wrote.

Others speculated that the dress could come in handy for when the wearer gets bored.

Another claimed he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from popping the bubble wrap dress if he saw it out on the street.

“This would get me in trouble because I would want to pop them,” he wrote.

But upon closer inspection, the bubble wrap effect of the dress is, in fact, thousands of tiny gold sequins sewed onto a clear mesh slip.

The detail in the dress didn’t stop people from mocking it, however, with one claiming “$68 for a bit of bubble wrap, don’t think so”.

Others joked that the completely see-through dress was perfect to protect the model from bumps and scrapes.

“She is also fragile and now she’s shock and water proof,” one person said.

“I’m getting one, might save me from bruises,” another commented.

Originally published as Bizarre ‘bubble wrap’ dress baffles internet