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Trending in Tamil Nadu: Astronaut performing Assamese folk dance Bihu, Kerala man’s coffee mixing skill, a labourer speaking flawless English

DTNext 2019-04-16 07:56:26

Funny, infuriating and heart-warming, videos and memes go viral when they touch the right chord. DT Next curates the top shares online that are going viral

Chennai: Video of astronaut performing Assamese folk dance Bihu in space goes viral
Assamese people celebrated Rongali Bihu recently. But what do you do if you are an astronaut and in space during the festival? You still dance and celebrate the festival. A twitter user shared a video of Mike Fincke, an astronaut performing Bihu, a folk dance from Assam, at the international space station in 2004. “Mike is Assam’s son-in-law, married to Renita Saikia, who also works at NASA,” Twitter user Anupam Bordoloi wrote. Mike ups his game by doing some cartwheels in the video. To make the Rongali Bihu authentic, he wore a red and white cloth in his neck. The cloth is known as gamosaa, which is an important part of the Bihu dance.

Kerala man’s coffee mixing skills at street side stall impresses Twitter users
TikTok is facing the wrath of the High Court for inappropriate content on the platform. But the app also occasionally brings to fore the talent of the most ordinary people you will ever meet. The latest viral video shows a man from Kerala showing his bartending skills, only, he works at a street side stall. A Twitter user by the name @rose_k01 recently took to Twitter to share a video of the man at a street side stall in Kerala making cold coffee and the twitter users were impressed. In the video, the man can be seen making cold coffee and showing his moves by rotating the glass in one hand and other such skills.

Graduate from Bhagalpur University is a labourer, speaks flawless English
In a viral video, a daily wage labourer from Bihar was seen stunning the crowed by speaking in English. The video shows a reporter from a Hindi news organization interviewing the man as part of election coverage. “I want to work,” says the man in response to a question by the reporter. When the impressed reporter responds with a one-word question: “English?”, the self-assured man retorts, “Yes, why not?” The man also later revealed that he is a graduate from Bhagalpur University. His spoken English skills drew cheers from the crowd, and even prompts the reporter to remark: “Gazab English bol rahe hain bhai sahab toh (His English is great).”