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Mayawati attacks PM Modi: The country wants pure PM, not a chaiwala...Video

News 24 Online 2019-05-14 01:17:00

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, May 14: Launching a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BSP supremo Mayawati on Tuesday said the country will not be "deceived" by "dual characters" any more and it now wants only a PM, not a "chaiwala or chowkidaar"."The country has already seen a number of leaders in form of sevak (servant), mukhya sevak (chief servant), chaiwala (tea vendor) and chowkidaar (watchman), who indulge in misleading the people. But, the country now needs a pure Prime Minister who can run the country in accordance with welfare spirit of the Constitution...The public has already been fooled by people of dual character, and will not be fooled any more," she said at a press conference. The BSP chief said the BJP government is a sinking ship. "The boat of Narendra Modi government is sinking, and everyone knows this. The biggest example of this is that the RSS is also deserting them (Modi government). I cannot spot them (RSS workers) anywhere in the election doing hard work (for the BJP) with their 'jholaa' (bags) thanks to the non-fulfilment of promises and the intense resentment of the people. As a result of this, Modi is sweating." 

There was a war of words between PM Modi and the BSP supremo on earlier occasions also. But since the last few weeks, their tolerance against each other has reached new heights. 

PM Modi had invoked a very sensitive topic when he questioned the BSP supremo that she should be sensitive towards the plight of the Dalit girl who was raped in Rajasthan. PM asked why Mayawati was continuing to support the Rajasthan government despite the heinous act against the Dalit girl. Being a woman, he said, Mayawati should be more sensitive towards the pain of the girl.

In the election season, the bouts of accusations and counter-accusations are going on unabetted.