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Following the lead of the RCB girl, now MI girl caught the cameras!

Sports Wallah 2019-05-14 19:15:45

If you thought that the fireworks in the stadium and all the glitter around the trophy were the only things that caught the eye, you are sadly mistaken.

The cameramen, who have been at it since forever, are back at their job. These cameramen have been bringing their A-game to spotting the fans across the stadium and even the quirkiest ones. All us cricket lovers, remember the fan that asked Zaheer Khan out on a date back in the day.

The IPL 2019 also has a talented bunch of cameraman that are doing a great job of bringing out the best from the stands. However, they seem to be fixated on the young beauties that are taking the seats in the stadium.

By now, we are all obviously aware of Deepika Ghose – #theRCBgirl. She surfaced on the scene as the cameramen caught her doing a few moves after RCB’s win and became an internet sensation overnight. However, the sun has set on that match and the IPL final brought along another beauty, this time from the Mumbai Indians‘ ranks.

Meet, Aditi Hundia, another great find from the cameramen and a treat for our eyes.

Aditi Hundia – Mumbai Indians girl (Photo: Instagram/aditihundia)

The girl hails from Mumbai and took a seat in the Mumbai supporters camp during the final. Her smile and beautiful face were on screen on many occasions as the match went towards a tight finish.

The twitter folk also got on the act and wished to know who the girl is, the internet obviously did the rest.

What we know about the girl is that she is already quite popular on the ‘gram. In fact, she is a model as well as Miss Supranational India 2018. She’s not one who only circulates during the IPL, she follows the Indian cricket team as well and holds a great fan-following for Dhoni and Kohli.

Are we going to have one beautiful girl being spotted by the cameramen for every team in the next IPL? Who knows?