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PM Modi claims mocked by Opposition, netizens

AP Herald 2019-05-15 14:09:00

New delhi sources stated that even before the clouds over Prime Minister Narendra modi’s “cloud theory” on the Balakot airstrikes passed, another video has gone viral in which he has apparently claimed he was using a digital camera and email since the late 1980s. Meanwhile, in a video clip that is circulating wildly across the social media, Mr. modi says he had used a digital camera in 1987-88 to click a color photo of L.K. Advani, adding that he had used email at the time to send the photo to New delhi.

Reportedly the fact is that the world’s first digital camera had been sold by Nikon in 1987, that commercial emails were introduced only in 1990-95, and email facilities were not widely available until 1995. Furthermore the BJP, which pounces on the Prime Minister’s critics for targeting him, somehow maintained a stoic silence over its mascot’s paradoxical claims. Apparently some people observed that digital cameras would have exorbitantly priced in that period and targeted the PM for frequently talking about his reported poverty.

Moreover social media went into a tizzy with over Mr modi’s claims and the twitterati had a field day. Some tweets said: “More modi gems. Nothing adds up. Poverty? Yet by own admission digital camera which few people had.” “modi invented digital camera, email, like gas from the gutter & clouds which could not be penetrated by radars.