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Tziporah Malkah recreates famous bedsheet photo

The Advertiser 2019-05-15 17:50:00

Tziporah Malkah has recreated photos which once showed herself in a less than flattering light, draped in a bedsheet.

Malkah was photographed in 2016 draped in a white bedsheet, outside her home in Melbourne, looking dishevelled.

She was photographed in a bedsheet again in 2018, outside a bottleshop clutching a bottle of Moet wearing pink fluffy slippers.

In a video posted to her Facebook, a slender Malkah wandered through a field, recreating the bedsheet photos, this time in gorgeous makeup and jewellery, following her New Idea cover shoot, which revealed her 50-kilo weight-loss last week.

In the video, the former model strutted confidently through a field, showing off her newly slimmed down physique.

“Here I am, I’m 70 kilograms. I’ve just done the shoot for New Idea, which I’m sure you’ve all rushed out and bought by now.

“But look at me, what is wrong with me?

“I’m dressed in a bedsheet! Uh oh, knock knock, curly-wurly-cuckoo!” the former actor, reality TV star and model joked.

“Clearly, mentally ill. Or, is it okay, now, that I’m no longer morbidly obese, to be dressed in a bedsheet? Am I no longer crazy?

“As long as you’re gorgeous, it’s okay right?” She giggled, before saying, “Wow, we’ve still got a long way to go as a society.”

“Anyway thanks for watching! And you might just get a,” before she cheekily teased at dropping the bedsheet.

Malkah said the 2016 bedsheet photos, while hurtful at the time, were ultimately helpful. Malkah had been working in an aged care facility, in a life of obscurity.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that paparazzi had sat outside of my house for weeks to get a shot of me in a sheet, looking vulnerable and revolting … I would still be in aged care, struggling … still depressed,” she told Today Extra in 2018.

“That sheet (photo) was so terrible, so cruel, so devastating and now I have a media career again. It’s only because the paparazzi did that.

“It’s easier for me now than it was being an aged care worker, because I’m now back in the media.”

Malkah has been flaunting her new size 12 figure since losing 50kg, a transformation she revealed on the cover of New Idea last week.

Last night Malkah told A Current Affair she had spent time in a “long depression” which caused her weight to balloon to 120kg.

“(I’m) about half my size, I would say. I feel amazing, I feel absolutely amazing,” she said on as she strutted down a beach in a swimsuit and pink sarong.

She attended a wellness retreat and learned “self-hypnosis” which she continues to practice on an app, to help her shed almost half her body weight.

“I was like, here we go again, more of this ‘hocus pocus’. But this actually has worked for me,” she said.

Originally published as Tziporah recreates bedsheet photo