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JoJo Siwa Makeup Kit Recalled for Asbestos 2019-06-10 11:51:00
  • A JoJo Siwa makeup kit has been recalled from Claire's after testing positive for asbestos.
  • JoJo has yet to comment on the product being contaminated.

    PLEASE STOP EVERYTHING because there is breaking JoJo Siwa news to discuss. If you know JoJo on a deep level like us real ones do, you know that she sells makeup at Claire's. And please feel free to shriek in abject horror, because apparently it tested positive for freakin' asbestos.

    What's asbestos, you ask? It's a highly toxic mineral that can be used in plastic to make it stronger, and—if ingested or inhaled—is incredibly dangerous and can even cause cancer. Why it's lurking in JoJo Siwa's makeup is beyond me, but I blame 2019 for being completely WTF in every possible way!

    Anyway, People reports that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is out here saying the product tested positive for asbestos, and that they issued a warning for people to stop using it immediately. And yes, it was also recalled from Claire's (thankfully!).

    The statement—which features a picture of JoJo's product—reads "Today, the FDA is releasing new results from its continued testing of cosmetic products for asbestos & is warning consumers to not use 2 additional products that have tested positive for asbestos & have been recalled."

    Apparently, the JoJo makeup kit in question is Batch/Lot No. S180109, and contains eyeshadow, two lip glosses, and nail polish. It's marketed towards young girls and teens, so let's hope everyone who used it is okay! Meanwhile, JoJo has yet to comment on the kit's asbestos contamination, ahem.