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Trending in TN: 108-year-old continues to play piano after hand injury, Man completes second trip around the world in 68 days, Netizens speculate spooky figure to be Dobby

DTNext 2019-06-11 11:35:15

Funny, infuriating and heart-warming, videos and memes go viral when they touch the right chord. DT Next curates the top shares online that are going viral.

Chennai: 108-year-old woman continues to play piano after injuring her hands at the age of 80
With her hands gracefully caressing the keys of her piano, the 108-year-old Wanda Zarzycka continues to demonstrate her passion for music even after the doctors had told her that she would never be able to play the piano again at the age of 80. With her strong will, her delicate fingers hit the right notes. Wanda is a former dancer who grew up in Lviv, which is now in western Ukraine. After graduating from Lviv’s music conservatory in 1931, Wanda was forced to stop playing piano, in the aftermath of the outbreak of World War II in Europe when she injured her hands. The piano which was brought to Krakow in southern Poland, in 1944, five years after Zarzycka’s family fled from the Soviet- occupied Lviv, was passed down to Wanda as a wedding gift by her mother. It is now housed as a valuable possession at her home.
Chinese globetrotter completed his second trip around the world in 68 days
Exploring his globe-trotting side, a 57-year-old Chinese man circled around a small airport in Chicago after he completed his second around-the-world flight in 68 days. Making 50 stops, Bo Zhang kicked off the flight flew through 21 countries in three continents and over three oceans, with total mileage reaching 41,000 km. The trip was definitely not easy for Zhang as he had to encounter problems such as fuel shortage, mechanical failure, and emergency maintenance almost every day. However, this has not frightened Zhang who has already started to plan for his third around-the-world trip.
CCTV footage goes viral after netizens speculate spooky figure to be Dobby
Twitter users and Potterheads broke the internet after a woman in US shared a video of a mysterious creature caught in CCTV footage outside her home, assuming it to be Dobby, from the Harry Potter franchise. Vivian Gomez shared a video which showed a creature walking past a vehicle before bending and flapping its arms. “So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure it out. First I saw the shadow walking from my front door then I saw this thing....has anyone else seen this on their cameras?” Gomez wrote. The video has gone viral with over 50 lakh views, nearly a lakh shares. While some claim the video to be an edited hoax or a teen goofing around, many speculated that the figure in the viral clip was none other than Dobby.