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Newly wed Udupi frogs are now internet sensations!

News Karnataka 2019-06-11 13:40:26

Mangaluru: Udupi bride Varsha and bridegroom Varun were married a couple of days ago in Udupi in a lavish wedding ceremony, with many media cameras covering the event.

Their wedding invitation was all over the internet and now, days after their wedding, the couple has become an internet sensation.

Theirs was no ordinary marriage because Varsha and Varun are two frogs from Udupi who were married off to appease the rain God!

Mixed emotions were evoked by the ceremony as some criticised the same calling it a promotion superstitious beliefs.

Now, however, the wedded couple has become the new muse of the memes lords and several memes are doing the rounds, leaving netizens LOLing and ROFLing.

After heavy rains were reported in Mumbai, a meme read that the frogs that were married off in Udupi must have gone to Mumbai for a honeymoon!

Meanwhile, another meme read that after the marriage failed to appease the rain Gods, the two fled to Kodaikanal to beat the coastal heat!

Yet another meme featured renowned Tulu actor Arvind Bolar. "Identify the frogs that you married off. We will have to get them divorced when the district witnesses flooding," the meme read.

All in all, the frog marriage has given enough food for funny thoughts and the netizens are having a good time.