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Massive water wastage in Besa, as JCB bursts pipeline

Nagpur Today 2019-06-11 18:28:50

Nagpur: The digging work for the newly constructing drainage line had created severe water crises in Besa locality as the JCB pressed in the digging work damaged the old water pipeline on Tuesday.

In no time the water, continuously jetting out of the pipe, spilled out on the busy main road and formed water-pools by the roadside, forcing the residence to walk and travel through it.

More importantly, the incident is a terrible mishap because most of the city has been adversely affected by water shortage and on the other hands gallons of waterwas wasted at Besa.

Considering the water loss and repair work is alleged that the locals would have to control their thrust for next couple of days.

Meanwhile, after the pipeline broke the roads were filled with water causing traffic and disruption. The commuters already face inconvenience daily due to the construction work and adding to their woes the pipeline burst made their situation worse.