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Is water really life?

Jamaica Observer 2019-06-12 12:31:30

Dear Editor,

When we are receiving the one commodity that they are supposed to supply us paying customers, the National Water Commission is happy to tell us that “water is life”.

So why is it that when we don't receive any water for a day, or two days, or a week, or even more, the same National Water Commission tells us, via their 'customer care', that they are simply “sorry for the inconvenience”?

How can it be a mere inconvenience when they are denying us the source of life?

I do feel sorry for the poor, unfortunate souls who find themselves trying to provide the excellent service we deserve at the National Water Commission customer care hotline, and I do hope that they can find a better career path very soon.

But I feel more sorry for Jamaica, which can never become anything approaching a First World country by 2030 — Vision or not — if its people can receive nothing but attractive tag lines such as “Water is life” from the National Water Commission. To believe otherwise is just a pipe dream.

My pipe dream is far more basic and involves water pipes filled with water, and taps gushing the source of life whenever they are turned on.

And don't forget that the 'National Air Commission' (NAC) water meters seem to be incapable of distinguishing water from air, so our water bills remain at about the same level, whether we receive water or not.


A dehydrated and withered NAC customer