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NeatScreen studio professional popup green screen

Geeky Gadgets 2019-06-12 18:23:23

Green screens are an everyday part of content creation these days but making sure your screen is wrinkle free and set up correctly normally take quite some time if you happen to collapse everything away at the end of filming, or need a portable solution that easily taken to your shoots. One solution might be the NeatScreen studio which consists of a pop-up green screen complete with smartphone application.

“In under 1 minute, you set the stage: let the professional you shine, without sacrificing your privacy and will now let you shoot your video from any location with no need for a set location! You can be outdoors, on the go, wherever you like! NeatScreen lets users enhance their online image and with the creation of our new app, we want to keep it super easy, just a matter of clicking the icon and clicking on the background you want to use.”

“We want you to be able to make mobile videos and Skype calls from your phone or tablet, and modify your webcam background- promote your business, set the tone or amplify your message. We have our PC app but we have heard the requests from our Apple fans and we want to bring your the app you’ve requested!”

Pledges for the NeatScreen studio start from £47 on worldwide shipping is expected to take place during July 2019. The company also provides a complete YouTube / Skype starter kit which includes background, app and stand CAD$199.