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Shahid Kapoor reveals who is better at sexting between him and wife Mira on 'BFFs with Vogue 3'!

ABP News 2019-06-12 22:37:00

Real wife, Reel Wife & Exes, 'Kabir Singh' actor Shahid Kapoor spills the beans on Neha Dhupia's chat show ‘BFFs with Vogue’ season 3.

Critic’s favorite and the forever chocolate boy of the nation, Shahid Kapoor appeared with his 'Kabir Singh' co-star and BFF, Kiara Advani on the Colors Infinity chat show ‘BFFs with Vogue’ and didn’t hold back in making some fiery revelations. During the iconic BFFs game round, ‘Platter of Punishment’, host Neha Dhupia known to put her guests on the spot, asked Shahid to name the ex/exes who did not invite him for their wedding.

Shahid-Kaira with 'BFFs..' host Neha Dhupia (Photo: Instagram)

To this, Shahid said, "

I know that Priyanka invited me.

" And further revealed that he attended the much-talked about reception in Bombay! He went on to reveal, "

I honestly don’t remember about Kareena.

" He added, "

I don’t remember, it’s a while back. I don’t think I was invited.


Further in the game round, appreciated for an amazing chemistry with his reel-life wife, Deepika Padukone in 'Padmaavat', Shahid went on to answer another of Neha’s question. When she asked him, to pick the better co-star between Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, naming Deepika, he said, "I guess me and her needed to connect. So by virtue of that I think I shared more with her than I did with Ranveer. With him it was more antagonistic in a way and less to do."

Shahid Kapoor denies it's a mini-me moment looking at son Zain Kapoor, Shares who do son & daughter look like more?

Shahid with wife Mira (Photo: Instagram)

In the signature BFFs game round, ‘SAY IT OR STRIP IT’, not backing down, Shahid went to reveal a very spicy anecdote from his personal life with this real-life wife, Mira. When Neha Dhupia asked him who is better at sexting between him and his wife, Shahid after a pause said, "Equal hi hai, give and take hota hai." He added, "We are husband wife so, so much of sexting is not really required!" but when Neha coaxed him to pick, Shahid finally accepted being the better sexter of the two!

Further Neha asked Shahid about a link-up rumour of him which was true. The actor, most definitely on a roll, "I just said two exes who have invited me to their shaadis so obviously both those were true." He went on to confirm that they were Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra!