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Rise of a phoenix

Deccan Chronicle 2019-06-12 23:42:00

Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, Dr. Shahina C.K. rose above the burns caused by a childhood accident, to be an inspiration to all those who are living life with precarious predicaments. Twenty-six years ago, at the young age of five, she had to face a fire accident which left her body scarred with 80 per cent burns. Her right hand was severely injured by the flames which left her left-handed. While other children played around and had fun, she was constantly in and out of hospitals for about a year getting surgeries and treatments done.

When asked about her rocky road to recovery, she says, “Growing up was difficult for me because people were either terrified on seeing my burned face or showed plain sympathy which I did not need. I lacked the confidence needed to face people until I met friends who gave me the courage to live through this.” She realised how lucky she was to have been given a second chance in life when she became a medical student. After becoming a homeopathic doctor, she rewrote her fate, considering this a god-given chance to serve others.


As she watched Uyare, a film about an acid attack victim, a flood of memories streamed through her mind about the mishap she faced years ago. Like Tovino who played a key role in instilling confidence in Pallavi, the character played by Parvathy, Shahina’s father has always been a pillar of support through her darkest times. Her father wanted to educate her just like her three older sisters. “If my family had given up on me, I would have never been able to come this far. I want people to rise above their difficult situations and fly higher by finding their passion and talent,” says Shahina. “I found many friends, one of whom is Bebato Zachariah, a very supportive person who wanted me to be strong enough to face the world and narrate my story to the numerous fighters like me,” she adds.

She currently works as a medical officer at Government Homoeo Dispensary at Kudakkachira, Kottayam, and practises homoeopathy privately at home as well. When fate pulled the carpet from under her feet, she defied fate by sprouting wings to fly higher than ever before and be a living example to those who give up on life easily. “When things fall apart in life, have courage and never give up on yourself,” Shahina adds.